Native of “Arles sur Tech”, it is quite naturally that André Labaume chose to live in Catalonia when he came back from Algeria in 1962. True businessman and passionate about the delicate art of confectionery, he founded “La Confiserie du tech” in 1964 and started his activity with a small chocolate moulding workshop. With a strong distribution network which is still constantly growing and the success of his creations, he worked dutifully on the recipe of the famous “Rousquille”, then on the “Croquants” and finally on the delicious “Tourons”.

At the beginning of the adventure, André Labaume was mainly working with his wife, Marcelle Labaume and his daughter, Danièle Séguy. Over the years, the number of collaborators driven by the same passion for the Catalan culture join the company. Today it is a hundred of employees dedicated that work around the cauldrons, taking care of the steaming of the rousquilles or handling the pastry bag to refine the chocolate mouldings.

André Labaume passed on his knowledge and his passion to 4 of his 10 grandchildren. The 3rd generation perpetuates the tradition while making sure to modernize the company in order to continue to create new perspectives.

Today, managed by Xavier Danjou, grandson of the founder, the Confiserie du Tech has largely exceeded the borders of its region and even of France to propose all the flavors of its delicate specialties.

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